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I’ve found many of The EduBlogger’s posts helpful so far. And was incredibly surprised to see that Sue Water had commented on my blog. So, I clicked on her username (as you do) to discover her Mobile Technology in TAFE blog. I hadn’t thought to check it out earlier as its name referred to TAFE so I thought it wouldn’t be relevant to me.

The current post referred to free online PD. Wow! Free online PD. Now, that sounds perfect to help bring me up to speed before I return to work next January (which, afterall is only 2 months away). Gee, that really is scary. It seems like ages away at the moment, but 2 months isn’t really all that long – especially when Ben is crawling!

So, I’ve done a little bit of exploring around at some other sites and will look further into it later in the week. I really want to get back up to speed. Before I left teaching I felt like I was on top of things and was just starting to do some really cool things with technology like The INGOTS. If I don’t do anything about it (and I guess I have started to do a little about it) I’ll be 18 months behind! I can’t exactly back myself as the school’s technology expert if I’m behind the game.

3 thoughts on “Online PD

  1. Yes our next PD session is this Friday and we are focusing on making live classroom sessions more interactive e.g. Elluminate. You’re welcome to join us — runs from 9-10 AM (Perth, Western Australian Time).

    What can I say? Really bad choice of blog name and blog URL. Which is why I advise people to really think about their choices before they set up their blog.

  2. Sue, I’d love to join you. But, my satellite “broadband” would make it impractical. Hoping to have actual broadband next year when we move into town. Thanks for the offer though.

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