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I’ve been wandering around edublogs becomming more and more enthused about blogging, and about the possibilities for my teaching next year. On my journey I came across this post from tilgnas:

Blog Design Checklist
Check this list to make sure you included all the items. To get an “A,” your blog must have all these features.

-Pick a theme – you can’t use the default (the original theme).
-Your theme choice must have at least one sidebar.
-You must create a new title for your blog.
-You must have a quote under your blog’s title (or in a widget).
-You must have all the required widgets (you decide the order, add more if you want to):
o Pages
o Links
o Recent Posts
o Archives
o Recent Comments
o RSS 1
o Meta
– You must create and upload an avatar. Go to the LMSResources wiki ( and click on the “For Fun and Learning” page for links to avatar sites.
-Your blogroll must have at least two links:
o a link to Beginnings (
o a link to LMS Resources (
– You must have erased all the default items.
– You must add your first post.
– Leave respectful, thoughtful comments for the people in your group.

I think this may come in handy if I use blogs in my teaching next year, and if I don’t at least it’s something that I can aspire to with my own blog 🙂

Also, I found Dave Truss’ post on Blog Rules which may be handy.

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